Trendsetting Mobile Banking Solution


With the help of Advocate Business Consulting and our company's highly renowned Omnichannel Banking Standardized Framework, one of Hungary's bank was able to transform it's outdated Mobile Banking solution to be a trendsetter mobile application aimed to cater to the more feature-savvy customers. The upgrade project was carried out with the participation of our experts helping the Bank with following:

  • with the Omnichannel Banking Framework we were able to assess the current situation within days and mapped the currently available interfaces to the new functionalities, ensuring the most powerful security obligations.
  • the client's most important requirement was an easily-to-configure engine that could be used for further fine-tuning the user experience and being able to provide remote, online interactions and information sharing between the user and the bank. This was fully met with careful planning and design which was executed by the Bank's trusted developer partner.
  • the user journey and the UI elements were designed by our experts from scratch, that made sure the end results became a modern, trendsetting, visually innovative new Mobile Banking solution. Our experts oversaw the UI fine tuning works of the external graphic firm which as well.

Because of the recent health crisis, the Digital First Approach was more embraced by the traditionally conservative Banking industry and that paradigm shift is paying off in tackling the issues of the introduction of the Hungarian National Bank-issued Loan Repayment Moratorium mechanism. Our experts put a big emphasis on designing features that could be easily used for the moratorium-induced customer interactions as well with making sure the traditional Mobile Banking features wouldn't be left out from the renewal process. The new solution is able to provide the following services for the customers:

  • visualized account and transfer history overview with cash-flow visualizations,
  • biometry-based strong customer authentication - for Mobile Bank transactions and online, card-not-present purchases as well,
  • streamlined HUF transaction workflow user journey which requires very limited user interaction to initiate a HUF wire transfer utilizing the Instant Payment framework,
  • enhanced communication methods between the authenticated user and the Bank.

The renewed solution met with positive reviews from the Bank's customers which was well-reflected in the mobile application stores' ratings as well. With the help of our experts and our standardized Omnichannel Banking framework, the modernisation efforts of our client was successfully, even with a very limited budget which could be used in the most optimal way in terms of the outcome's results.

For more information on our Omnichannel Banking Standardized Framework click on this link.